July, 2019
19 Friday – Services 6:30 PM
20 Saturday – Torah Study 9:30 AM
                           Brunch & Learn ($10) 11:30 AM

26 Friday – Camp Towanda Services

August, 2019
2 Friday – Services 6:30 PM
3 Saturday – Torah Study 9:30 AM

15  Thursday – Annual Meeting 7:30 PM
16 Friday – Services 7:30 PM
17 Saturday – Erika Badner Bat Mitzvah

 30 Friday – New Member Open House/BBQ 6:00 PM
      Services 7:00 PM
31 Saturday – Torah Study 9:30 AM

For more information, please call Cheryl Badner, Congregation Administrator at (570) 253-2222 or email: bethisraelhonesdale@gmail.com

"I was honored by being called to the Bimah at Congregation Beth Israel during Shabbat Services. Here, I am singing the Hebrew blessings before and after the Torah reading. The reason for such an honor was that I graduated from Hebrew College, Newton Centre, MA receiving Master of Arts in Jewish Studies. At the Hebrew College graduation, I also received the Clara M. Silbert Memorial Prize for Excellence in Bible Studies.  I could not have achieved such academic achievements without the support from Congregation Beth Israel." - Steve Bleier