Celebrate Yourself or Honor a Loved One

Tzedakah - charity - is a beautiful way to personally celebrate or honor a loved one. We will immediately mail out a thank you card, which you may personalize, making it a great gift or a reminder of your kindness.

It's important to know your hard-earned dollars are being dedicated to a cause close to your heart. Please select from our variety of different funds, only supporting what matters most to you.

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Buildings & Grounds - Jean Shair Memorial Fund

We are incredibly proud to be the second-oldest Jewish congregation in America that continues to worship in its original synagogue. Because our structure dates back to 1856, we must be careful to stay on top of maintenance. This fund helps ensure future generations of members can continue our heritage of learning, spiritually growing, and connecting. Donate Now (type "Shair Memorial Fund" as Purpose)

Music - Jane's Fund

What lifts our spirits - together, as one - more than music? We would love to expand our musical abilities, and you can help! Donate Now (type Jane's Fund as "Purpose")

Education Fund or Scholarship Fund


Our religious school instills a deep interest in Jewish history and all that pertains to Judaism. Please help keep our school strong, and do all you can to assist those who need financial support to grow and mature in their faith. Donate Now (type "Education Fund" or "Scholarship Fund" as Purpose)

Judaica - Silberlicht and Newman Fund

We say over and over again that we stand of the shoulders of those who came before us… collecting historic Judaica helps us visualize what we are so committed to celebrating for generations to come.  Donate Now (type "Silberlicht and Newman Fund" as Purpose)

Reserve Fund or Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

If you would prefer to give flexibility to Beth Israel to support the congregation as we best see fit, donate to our Reserve Fund, or to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.

Both can be used to strengthen any aspect of our synagogue, though the funds are controlled by different stakeholders.  Donate Now (type "Reserve Fund" or "Rabbi's Discretionary Fund" as Purpose)

About Types of Funds 

We have named our restricted funds (which means your donation can be used ONLY for that specific purpose) or you can give to an unrestricted fund and Beth Israel will use discretion in its application.

Restricted Funds:
Education - Marie Freund Fund
Scholarship - Rabbi Allan Smith Fund
Buildings & Grounds - Jean Shair Memorial Fund
Judaica - Silberlicht and Newman Fund
Music - Jane’s Fund
Reserve Fund
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Unrestricted Funds:
Freeman Family
Katz Family
Sparrow Family
Skier Family Eternal Light
Ellen Lewis Stovall
Ray & Ethel Oreman
Judy Skier Brown

After clicking DONATE NOW, you can type the fund for your donation into the space entitled "Purpose."



How to Donate

Donating with a credit or debit card takes less than one minute. Just click any "Donate Now" link (yellow text in each fund's descriptions or the red button below).

To donate with cash or check, please call Cheryl Badner on (570) 253-2222 to arrange delivery, or make check out to "Congregation Beth Israel" and mail it to:

Congregation Beth Israel
615 Court Street
Honesdale, PA 18431

Housekeeping note: If you donate more than $250 in a single day to Beth Israel, we will send you a written statement for your taxes, as we are legally required to do.